It is a village of Moorish origin that was conquered by D. Afonso Henriques between 1160 and 1166. In 1299, D. Dinis ordered the reconstruction of the walls and the castle. D Sancho II granted the first charter in 1226, the second charter was granted by D. Manuel in 1512.

Queen D. Maria II granted the title of "Mui Nobre e Sempre Leal Vila de Marvão", which means, "always noble and loyal village of Marvão".

The village of Marvão still maintains all the characteristics of a medieval borough. Its white washed houses and rocky hillsides, which form beautiful streets and paved alleys, are embraced by imposing walls. Inside the castle, Marvão has one of the largest cisterns of Europe.

The pillory, the wrought iron balconies, the traditional "Alentejana" chimneys, characteristic windows, and the Convent of "Nossa Senhora da Estrela" (our saint of village) are also of great interest.